Screen printing is a great way to get your logo printed on a T-Shirt or hoodie. Its the best way to print larger orders, or smaller orders if there are not many colours in the design, we screen print around 30,000 garments per week.

The more colours in your design the more expensive it will be to print, due to the fact we have to make a screen and hand mix the ink for each colour printed.

Having said that 500 T-Shirts with a 6 colour print would only be around £3.40 each.

Once the screens are made they are setup on one of our MHM automatic printers, the ink is added and the design is sampled for approval. Each colour is printed on at a time wet on wet directly onto the T-Shirt.
When its been printed it goes through the dryer which cures the ink onto the garment and makes it wash fast.

We can match any colour when screen printing, and screen print onto a wide range of garments.

If you need a small run of garments with a full colour print we would digitally print them for you on our Kornit DTG machines.

Our design team will choose the best way to print your design based on your artwork and order size.

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