Our three main printing methods are Screen Print, DTG Print and Transfer Print.

Screen print is suited for larger runs of 100 - 250 or more depending on the number of colours in the design. Having said that runs of 25 - 50 are fine if there are just 1-2 colours in the print.
Most of the printed T-Shirts you see on the high street will have been screen printed, this is still by far the most popular way to get your design printed onto a T-Shirt.

DTG print is for smaller orders that have a lot of colours in the design, or for one off drop shipping, the colours are not quite as vibrant as screen print, but the detail is much finer.

Transfer print is for items that do not fit on the standard printing machines, like caps and bags. The design is first printed onto a special transfer paper, it is then heat pressed onto the garment.

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