If you are using fonts in your logo or design these need to be handled in a specific way.
There is a good chance we will not have the font you have chosen on our computers as there are thousands of different fonts available.

When this happens our computers ask us to choose a substitute font, which then changes your design.

To avoid this we need to convert the font into a curve or an outline, this is then not a font, but a shape and can be opened on any computer.

In Photoshop right click the layer that has the text and select Rasterize Type. This will convert the font into pixels that we can open, but make sure the design is saved at 300DPI at actual print size.

In Adobe Illustrator
Select the text, then under Type select create outlines. This then converts the text into an outline object.

In Corel Draw
Select the text, right click & select convert to curves. The text is now an object that we can open.

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