When screen printing we can print designs up to 40cm wide and 50cm high, having said that you need to make sure a design this size will fit on the smallest size of garment you need to order, it may look great on a large T-Shirt, but will probably print over the sleeve seams on a small T-Shirt.

If we are printing the design digitally direct to garment "DTG" our maximum width is 40cm and the maximum height is 50cm, using DTG we can scale the design up and down though, so we can print a smaller size design on the smaller garments if required.

If we are embroidering your design the maximum size is 27cm by 27cm, this is quite a large area for embroidery and would contain a lot of stitches, we can help get around that problem by using applique in the design.

Dye sublimation can be printed all over a T-Shirt or just in a certain place, so there are really no limitations using this process.

For transfers the maximum size we would recommend would b A3.

IF you need more advise on this please email sales@epcc.co.uk

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