When you are viewing a product you have 2 different views to choose from, design or photo. Design shows you the decoration area and gives you the tool to upload your designs. Photo shows you a photo of the product.

Uploading your designs
First of all select the decoration type, printed or embroidered. The decoration area is shown by the dotted outline.

Select the print position, the options available will vary depending on the garment type.

Now we need to upload the design, this should be on a transparent background if required, and at least 150 DPI in quality at actual print size. Select the upload option & attach the design file from your device. PNG is the best file format to use if you need a transparent background.

You can re size and position the image anywhere you like in the box. You can also add text to the design.

To add a design to another position just select the position and upload the design.

Select the number of colours. Full colour is for DTG direct to garment printing, this is a cheaper option on lower quantities of garments with high colour counts. The other option is for screen printing, this is a cheaper way of printing on larger orders, depending on the number of colours in your design.

As you add designs and select the number of colours on them the prices on the right will update depending on the number of prints you are having on the garment.
When happy with your design add the quantity required for each size and head for the checkout.

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